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About Mooseheart


Caring for the Young

The women and men of the Moose share, time and again, that one of the main reasons they join – and stay year after year – is because of the positive impact they have on children across the country.

While annual dues are only $35 to $100 per member, your contributions as a Moose add up to:

  • Give … hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships annually for teens who otherwise couldn’t consider an advanced education.
  • Get … deep gratification knowing you have given a child a much better chance at a decent future.
  • Grow … and develop healthy, educated, well-adjusted children in a safe home environment at Mooseheart Child City & School, in Illinois an hour west of Chicago.

On an international level through organization-wide Moose programs, and at local levels through Lodge/Chapter activities, members experience the value in helping children.

Listen Closely: Mooseheart

Each year, members of the Moose organization make sure that children at Mooseheart get a second chance at life. This special place, just outside of Chicago, has provided security and stability to nearly 12,000 children since 1913. Mooseheart is home to children and teens from a variety of backgrounds; some have lost one or both parents; others were living in environments that weren’t conducive to healthy growth and development. At Mooseheart, they receive the care and education needed to grow into productive citizens. They even have an award-winning football team. Members from all over the United States come to visit the students and witness firsthand how their commitment and energy benefit the children of Mooseheart.

Take Darell Hammond, CEO, KaBOOM!, who spent most of his childhood, along with his seven siblings, at Mooseheart. Now founder and chief executive officer of Washington, D.C.-based non-profit KaBOOM!, Hammond has engineered the construction of thousands of playgrounds for disadvantaged children from coast-to-coast.

And, Jermaine “JB” Nelson, who lived at Mooseheart for his four years of high school to avoid the danger of gang involvement on Chicago’s West Side. Nelson received a full scholarship from the Moose organization to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale; he’s now an Avionics Integration Engineer for Boeing.


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